Levitt Lab


Welcome to the Levitt Lab at the University of Michigan.

We are interested in understanding how opioids and disease affect the brainstem circuitry that controls breathing using a variety of cellular and systems level approaches, including brain slice electrophysiology, circuit tracing, optogenetics, single unit and whole nerve recordings from a unique preparation with an intact respiratory network and in vivo-like respiratory cycle, and breathing measurements in awake animals.




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Levitt Lab at the University of Florida (2016-2022).


Interested in the Levitt lab? 

We are seeking curious and motivated students and post-docs! To apply contact Erica Levitt (info below).

Contact Information

Erica Levitt


(Office) 734-647-3359

Department of Pharmacology

University of Michigan

1150 W. Medical Center Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48109